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  • White is a Delight, and Green is the Prosperous Color.

    Spring is bringing all kinds of beautiful colors to life, two of which are quintessential to the season. White, the standard color for summer, and of course green, the color of all things growing. Our model is wearing some fabulous pieces featured in the Bonnie Roseman Spring 2013 Collection, just in time for nature to turn.

    A page from the Boston Globe's travel section can now be a one of a kind accessory to treasure. Turn that mag into a bag! At Bonnie Roseman's BLT Boutique, we can make records, newspapers, photographs, or your favorite magazine into a purse for a unique and special gift, or a treat for yourself. You can make your memories wearable today.

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  • Pearl Greys, Silvers and Classic Black

    Who says basics have to be boring? Pearl greys, silver, and classic black make a statement as part of any professional wardrobe. This unique vest is hand-dyed and hand-cut by a Japanese artist! Completely one of a kind and availble now at Bonnie Roseman's BLT Boutique.

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  • Orange and Watermelon, the Flavors of Summertime.

    Summer isn't far away, and to stand out under the sun, Bonnie Roseman has traveled the world for treasures and clothing that is sure to make you stand out as part of her Spring/Summer 2013 Bonnie Roseman Collection.

    Bonnie's advice for all women, whether you're on the road or right at home, is to build on the basics. "No matter where you are or where you are going, always have all white separates or black separates as your basics," says Bonnie, adding; "Then, add pop colors for flavor and the fun punch to add zip and great energy to the outfit and bring energy into your life!"

    Take a look at some of the gorgeous colors and pieces in the flavors of two very standard summertime shades; orange, and watermelon.

    Belgian Linen Tunic

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  • Pastels for a Summer Day

    This week's fashion series focuses on pastels perfect for a Summer day! Our model is draped in a chiffon shawl made of fabric from Como, Italy tied together with a white ring from France. The white top underneath washes and packs easily, for traveling in comfort and style.

    Floral figure

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