Autumn in Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina – a city in the Blue Ridge Mountains! It’s known for its vibrant art scene and historic architecture.

The vast 19th Century Biltmore Estate, America’s largest home, has tours available for those curious to see the 8,000 acre property and it’s Chateau-style mansion.

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

The Basilica of St. Lawrence is also an amazing landmark, and the detail of the architecture is amazing to behold. Not to be missed!

Basilica of Saint Lawrence

The downtown Arts District and the River Arts District are bustling with activity. Many former factory buildings now house incredible art studios, and sophisticated restaurants. There are local breweries, and an upbeat art and music scene in the area.

Enjoy brews, food and art in the River Arts District, Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re looking to get out of the city for a day, there are many opportunities for hiking, river rafting and zip-lining in the local area.

Zip-lining in North Carolina

This is the time of year that there is a big Apple Festival! You can try over 40 varieties of apples! It sounds delicious…

Take a bite out of the Apple Festival!

A real treat is to check out the Pinball Museum! Adults and children alike just marvel at all the different games. It just sounds like a blast!

A fun outing for all ages.

Don’t forget to check out the bluegrass and dancing at the Feed and Seed Music Hall.

Lively music for a fun night out

All in all, this area of North Carolina, with its landscape of rich history and fun activities sounds like a place that you won’t want to miss.

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Philly, My Hometown

Philadelphia – my hometown! A city of brotherly love…If you’ve never been to this historic American city before, it’s a must! There are some great spots to check out.

The Philadelphia Art Museum and the new Barnes Foundation are the most amazing museums in the country – of course, I’m bias! Currently the Philadelphia has an exhibition titled “Inside Out,” featuring art in unexpected places.

For this exhibition, you’ll see art in unexpected places.

The Franklin Institute is a must for science buffs in the family! Enjoy the latest exhibits such as the Terracotta Warriors, interactive 3D printing, space command and more. You can even watch an IMAX movie while you’re there!

Franklin Institute – Giant Heart

Historically, there are wonderful things to see like the Liberty Bell Museum, where you can see the original Liberty Bell, and Betsy Ross’s house, where the first flag was sewn! You can even see a copy of the original Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

In particular this October, Chestnut Hill, a beautiful section outside the center of town is housing the Harry Potter Festival. Then, there’s the Terror Behind The Walls of the Eastern State Penitentiary…Sounds like a spooky fun way to spend an evening! And, there’s also Octoberfest, at the Midtown Village Fall Festival, where they’ll be brewing some very tasty treats.

Harry Potter Fest in Philly – a great family outing!

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Cozy cashmeres for fall from BLT

Always remember my Three Golden Rules to Dress By:

1. Build Your Wardrobe with classic pieces.
2. Liven Your Wardrobe with fun novelty items.
3. Tweak Your Wardrobe with touches of color.

Feel good, and look even better!


Our Hearts are with Las Vegas

After all the natural disasters we’ve had to endure in the past few weeks, now we have to witness this senseless mass tragedy in Las Vegas.

The joy of traveling is on hold this week, in honor of all the victims and their families.

If you are in the Las Vegas area, please consider donating blood at your local hospital or Red Cross location. If you’re not in Nevada, considering donating to the Southern Nevada Red Cross to help aide the victims by visiting their website here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Las Vegas.

A prayer goes out to all of my family at Legends Radio, and the listening audience and beyond. Peace to all of you.


Windy City Whirlwind

Chicago! The Windy City has a lot of great events blowing in around this month besides the usual tourist attractions: strolling down Michigan Avenue, bike-riding along the Lakeshore Drive, or going to the Chicago Institute of Art are always favorites for people visiting Chi-Town.

There are a lot of fun fall events to cozy up to this year. Oktoberfest celebrates the best beer in Chicago in a lovely beer garden setting. Oktoberfest at St. Alphonsus is well attended each year and loads of fun! Beer, pretzels, music and more. See their event lineup here.

Oktoberfest at St. Alphonsus in Chicago, IL.

Another great family event is the Halloween Farm! It’s outside the city, but it’s well worth the drive. Bengston’s Pumpkin Fest will be going on through October the 30th. Midnight Circus in the Parks is also a great time for all ages. They will be located at several locations, so check the local paper or their website here for more information.

Walkthroughs, local food, a petting zoo and more at the Halloween Farm

A fun event for us grown-ups is the Bloody Mary Festival! Bars and restaurants will be competing to win, with you as the sampler. Sounds like a blast!

Which Bloody Mary is best?

On a healthier note, there is also the Apple Fest on Michigan Avenue. There you’ll find vendors selling candied apples, scarves, hats, and hot apple cider. Delicious!

Satisfying for your sweet tooth

Whether you’re wearing a lightweight leather jacket or a cashmere sweater in the Windy City, or you’re down in Southern Florida wearing those lightweight cottons, remember that it’s all about style!

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Always remember my Three Golden Rules to Dress By:

1. Build Your Wardrobe with classic pieces.
2. Liven Your Wardrobe with fun novelty items.
3. Tweak Your Wardrobe with touches of color.

Feel good, and look even better!


Stay Safe East Coast!

We’re just getting through the heels of Irma, and Harvey before that, and now we have Jose working its way up to Nantucket with tropical storm gusts and rain. Now Hurricane Maria is working its way up to Florida and the East Coast.

It’s so important to listen for emergency updates, evacuation notices, and updates from the National Hurricane Center. Track the progress of the storms by visiting their website, here.

I just want to wish everybody, from Florida all the way across the United States and up North here in New England a safe week! My best wishes to everyone at Legends Radio, and all the listening audience.

God Bless,