Italian Knits, French Accessories

At Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique, there are some hot new fashion additions for 2014! This Italian knit sweater is hand-loomed, and the slimming pants are made of a non-wrinkling stretch fabric that¬†comes in 12 colors. The perfect outfit to toss in a Pan Am bag and make your getaway to Rome for the weekend! The one of a kind necklace featured is made from baroque pearls.

Italian Knits
An Italian knit sweater layered with baroque pearls.

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The Burberry Look

A lightweight tunic easy for packing and summer traveling, last week we showcased “The Burberry Look.” Fashion guru Bonnie Roseman has over 30 years of experience in wardrobe building, and said after styling her shop model, “I just think plaids always add a little interest to an outfit,” adding, “That little touch of red helps the outfit pop!” Fabulous accessories such as the vintage earrings from Paris, the leather and pewter necklace from Italy and the wooden bracelet are easy to pack and make this outfit one of a kind, and perfect for traveling.

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