Bonnie’s Buzzing About Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sunny, beautiful, Santa Fe! It’s often voted one of the best cities in the US for weather, so it’s a great place to visit any time of the year.

Enjoy the programs put on by the Santa Fe School of Cooking, where you can take cooking classes, and cultural cuisine tours. Combine your love of cooking and history for the Half Day Santa Fe Food and History Walking Tour!

Take a bite out of Santa Fe

Canyon Road is famed for its’ art, and there’s even a walking tour to guide you to all the best artisan hotspots. For something a little more immersive, check out Meow Wolf, “House of Eternal Return,” the permanent interactive walk-through art installation created by a collaborative of young artists. It’s a must-see!

Walk Through art exhibition
A walk-through art experience

Culturally, there is just so much to explore in this Southwestern City. Don’t miss the International Museum of Folk Art, where you can learn all about the indigenous cultures of the Southwest, and others around the world.  Listen to the sweet sounds of the Santa Fe Opera under the stars – their Opera house is one of a kind!

Santa Fe Opera House
Santa Fe Opera House

So whether you’re strolling down Canyon Road, or attending a gala event at an art exhibition, remember, it’s all about style!  

Clothing and Fabric from Bonnie Roseman Company
See the Bonnie Roseman Collection at


Always remember my Three Golden Rules to Dress By:
1. Build Your Wardrobe with classic pieces.
2. Liven Your Wardrobe with fun novelty items.
3. Tweak Your Wardrobe with touches of color.
Feel good, and look even better!

Bonnie’s Buzzing About Artist Anca

Throughout my travels and even when exploring Palm Beach County, I am always finding artists that I love who are looking for representation. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years.

Bonnie Roseman

Artist Anca does custom painting on leather, and I’m so lucky I found her! When my beautiful leather couch started to get some spots, she came to the rescue with her artistic skills, and completely updated the look of my living room piece.


Bonnie Roseman’s newly dotted couch

Anca can work on purses, paint on leather clothing, belts, and furniture.  I love the unique one of a kind wearable art that can be part of our wardrobes, as well as functional art that brings us joy in our homes.

Leather Painting Art by Anca 

If you’re interested in custom colors and designs by a talented fine artist, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Anca. You can also give me a call to schedule your wardrobe consultation at (917) 209 – 0516 or visit

Feel good, and look even better!


Bonnie’s Buzzing About A+ Clutter Clearing

I’m ready for spring!

Introducing: A+ Clutter Clearing

After collecting pieces from the Bonnie Roseman BLT Collection throughout the years, it’s probably time to reorganize your closet space and make sure you have room for new treasures. David Hall specializes in assisting people with their organizational challenges, such as reorganizing your garage, de-cluttering a guest bedroom, and even making more room in your closet!

Here are David Hall’s Top 3 Tips for Spring Cleaning your closet!

David Hall, owner of A+ Clutter Clearing

“At A+ Clutter Clearing, we get your house in order. When you clear the clutter, you clear the mind.” 

-David H

Tip 1: Mindset

 In order to be motivated, David reminds us we can change the way we think about our organizational task by re-imagining it with a mindset of adventure, and even discovery. It’s a chance to really take a hard look at our possessions and decide if we need something, or if we can let it go.  

Tip 2: Prepare

Before you begin tackling the task of a closet makeover, David recommends preparing by setting aside a block of time, and putting on some of your favorite music. You could even get yourself a tasty treat for when the task is done!

Supplies needed: A full length mirror, one large box or bag for donations, and a trash bag for tossing items you no longer need. 

Now, you’re ready to begin.

Tip 3: Rediscover 

Now it’s time to rediscover your clothes, accessories and treasures. When David walked me through the fashion show process, he told me to think about what’s really flattering for our figures, lifestyles, and whether we love wearing the item.  When in doubt, throw it out! 

I have used David’s clutter clearing skills for my own closet, and I’ve been so happy with the results. Take a look below – this is what my closet looks like now, after David worked his magic!

Bonnie’s closet after a little help from A+ Clutter Clearing

To book David, give me a call at (917) 209 – 0516 or contact me at Let’s clear out your closet and get you some fabulous new wardrobe pieces!

Always remember David’s Top Three Tips for Clutter Clearing:

1. Mindset – Approach organization with a sense of discovery.
2. Prepare – Set aside time and motivate yourself with music or wine.
3. Rediscover – Model your jewelry and clothes to decide what stays and what goes. 

Happy Spring Cleaning! 


Roaring March in Palm Beach County

March is going out with a roar, and April is coming in as fragrant as those beautiful flowers blooming.  

On March 28th, you can attend an event to help support our Veterans. Grab a ticket from the Freedom Fantasy Gala in West Palm Beach to benefit Achilles International.  Get your tickets online here. On April 6th There’s Brew at the Zoo! Taste an array of great beers while supporting the animals of the Palm Beach Zoo.

Brews at the Zoo

Also happening this week, A Very Special Evening with Avery Sommers, Saturday April 6th at 7 PM at the Center for Creative Education. Call 561-471-4122 for more information.

Bonnie + Avery

J. Steven Manolis and Miles Slater are having a show called Palm Beach Light at the Fritz Gallery. It opens on April 4th and goes until the 21st, and it should be a wonderful exhibition.

See Palm Beach Light 2018 – by J. Manolis

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is going on this weekend and it is fabulous – it’s one of the best boat shows in the country! See luxury yachts, mega-yachts and more.

Palm Beach International Boat Show

So whether you’re going to a boat show, or a concert, or a new art gallery, remember, it’s all about style!

Spring into the BLT Collection!

Always remember my Three Golden Rules to Dress By:

1. Build Your Wardrobe with classic pieces.

2. Liven Your Wardrobe with fun novelty items.

3. Tweak Your Wardrobe with touches of color.

Feel good, and look even better!