Nature’s Neutrals

Continuing the Bonnie Roseman Collection of neutrals in natural shades, we have some beautiful one of a kind pieces that showcase the best of nature’s earthy hues.

This one of a kind necklace from Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique is made from pieces of carved bone, and agate. Bonnie Roseman said the jacket was inspired by Ralph Lauren, and it is made from cotton lace!

Agate necklace
A necklace made from carved bone and agate.

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Neutrals are the Natural Choice

This week’s fashion feature explored the nature of neutrals. It’s nice to get a little ‘down to earth’ every once in a while, and the same goes for the color palette of your wardrobe.

Below is a picture of a beautiful necklace that is a one of a kind piece designed by artisan Barbara Johansen. It is made from agate, bone, and shell, and looks lovely with the mix and match of natural colored neutrals. Find one of a kind jewelry pieces made by local artisans as well as artists from all over the world at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique, on 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

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