Bonnie’s Buzz About Town – March 19th, 2020

Things are quite different now in Palm Beach County and around the entire world. This is a time to really just lay low, stay at home, and take part in some self care.

It’s also a chance to reinvent yourself by taking up a new hobby you may not have tried. Here are some ideas for what you can do:

  • Try painting
  • Write a poem
  • Try making a podcast
  • Binge watch a show on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime
  • Take a walk in nature with your dog
  • Try indoor gardening (house plants, window boxes)

It’s also a good time for meditating, and visualizing the world and its people healing quickly, and in a positive way.

Photo of Bonnie Roseman
I’m here for you

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Always remember, whether you’re inside or outside, it’s all about style.

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Always remember my Three Golden Rules to dress by:
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Feel good, and look even better!

Stay Safe East Coast!

We’re just getting through the heels of Irma, and Harvey before that, and now we have Jose working its way up to Nantucket with tropical storm gusts and rain. Now Hurricane Maria is working its way up to Florida and the East Coast.

It’s so important to listen for emergency updates, evacuation notices, and updates from the National Hurricane Center. Track the progress of the storms by visiting their website, here.

I just want to wish everybody, from Florida all the way across the United States and up North here in New England a safe week! My best wishes to everyone at Legends Radio, and all the listening audience.

God Bless,


Stay Safe Florida!

Irma tried to get the best of all of us in South Florida, but thank God, most of my friends and family out there at Legends Radio all seem to be safe and sound.

I am very grateful, and send everyone lots of love and a speedy recovery from the storm. Let’s all remember that it’s the week of 9/11, and we are celebrating that we all still have our freedom to love and laugh and be entertained by wonderful people at Legends Radio!

If you want to help victims of Hurricane Irma, consider donating to GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Irma Relief Fund by visiting their website here. The fund provides food, water, medication and long-term recovery efforts for victims from the US and the Caribbean.

We’ll go back to our normal Bonnie’s Buzz next week. Love to you all!