I Left My Heart in San Francisco

If you left your heart in San Francisco, or you want to take that little cable car up to the stars, it’s time to go to San Francisco, and check out all the wonderful things happening there this summer. A great place for a holiday!

The best scene of the San Francisco skyline is a little secret. You can take a walk down to Fort Mason, where all the galleries are along the Bay, and take a foot path to the end of the Municipal Pier. You will flip when you see the skyline from that viewpoint!

To catch all the windsurfers, take a walk down to Crissy Park, and take the foot path all the way along to the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge. You can actually cross over the bridge to Sausalito.That’s an amazing place over in Marin County.

Sausolito – a great day trip for Bay Area explorers.

Always a treat to see the San Francisco Symphony in the summer do free concerts at Sterns Grove, Pier 27, and even the Shoreline Amphitheater. This summer they’ll be doing a series of concerts including the music of John Williams. Check their schedule online (HERE) for other listings.

Symphony in the park, Pier 27.

A treat for the entire family: The Exploratorium! It’s open through September 4th, featuring a show called “Wildcard,” an entire physical landscape built out of cardboard including a 50s style diner where you can have a cup of coffee and a snack. Sounds like fun!

Exploratorium in full swing.

Take in the city by the Bay’s art scene this summer. Over at the Legion of Honor there’s the Degas and Impressionism show. Over 40 pastels and paintings by Dega, Manet, and Toulouse-Lautrec. Over at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, for the very first time in the United States, a collection of Edvard Munch paintings from 1880 to 1940. It should be wonderful.

Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

San Francisco has the largest and most comprehensive world dance and music event of its type in the entire U.S, the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. Twenty-four Bay Area groups will perform at the Memorial Opera House from July 8th through the 16th. Everything from Bollywood, Balinese, West African, Cuban, Japanese and more. It should be fascinating!

Dancers from all over the world, gathering in SF.

When you’re in SF, downtown by Union Square is so much fun. There’s shopping, great restaurants, and more. But something very unique is happening on July 15th. It’s the 54th Annual Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest takes place, and you don’t want to miss that.

Ringing in summertime.

So whether you’re watching the fog roll off the bay in San Francisco and looking at the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge with those beautiful cashmere sweaters and lightweight leather jackets, or down in steamy Florida wearing your lightweight cottons and linens, it’s all about style.

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Feel good, and look even better!