Bonnie’s Buzzing About A+ Clutter Clearing

I’m ready for spring!

Introducing: A+ Clutter Clearing

After collecting pieces from the Bonnie Roseman BLT Collection throughout the years, it’s probably time to reorganize your closet space and make sure you have room for new treasures. David Hall specializes in assisting people with their organizational challenges, such as reorganizing your garage, de-cluttering a guest bedroom, and even making more room in your closet!

Here are David Hall’s Top 3 Tips for Spring Cleaning your closet!

David Hall, owner of A+ Clutter Clearing

“At A+ Clutter Clearing, we get your house in order. When you clear the clutter, you clear the mind.” 

-David H

Tip 1: Mindset

 In order to be motivated, David reminds us we can change the way we think about our organizational task by re-imagining it with a mindset of adventure, and even discovery. It’s a chance to really take a hard look at our possessions and decide if we need something, or if we can let it go.  

Tip 2: Prepare

Before you begin tackling the task of a closet makeover, David recommends preparing by setting aside a block of time, and putting on some of your favorite music. You could even get yourself a tasty treat for when the task is done!

Supplies needed: A full length mirror, one large box or bag for donations, and a trash bag for tossing items you no longer need. 

Now, you’re ready to begin.

Tip 3: Rediscover 

Now it’s time to rediscover your clothes, accessories and treasures. When David walked me through the fashion show process, he told me to think about what’s really flattering for our figures, lifestyles, and whether we love wearing the item.  When in doubt, throw it out! 

I have used David’s clutter clearing skills for my own closet, and I’ve been so happy with the results. Take a look below – this is what my closet looks like now, after David worked his magic!

Bonnie’s closet after a little help from A+ Clutter Clearing

To book David, give me a call at (917) 209 – 0516 or contact me at Let’s clear out your closet and get you some fabulous new wardrobe pieces!

Always remember David’s Top Three Tips for Clutter Clearing:

1. Mindset – Approach organization with a sense of discovery.
2. Prepare – Set aside time and motivate yourself with music or wine.
3. Rediscover – Model your jewelry and clothes to decide what stays and what goes. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!