All Aboard

It’s a train that starts outside of Orlando, Florida and drops you outside of Washington D.C. That’s 800 miles…or 18 hours, by railroad.

“We slept in a sleeper car that they called a ‘roommette.’ It was the size of a postage stamp! You had to get dressed with one leg out in the hall way – I have never laughed so hard in my life.”


Bonnie also said it was like being in a spaceship, and certainly shouldn’t be the chosen form of transportation for anyone who’s claustrophobic.

"Only wish  we were traveling in this vehicle instead of my Nissan Rogue..." -Bonnie
“Only wish we were traveling in this vehicle instead of my Nissan Rogue…” -Bonnie

Alas, Bonnie made it to Annapolis where she’s currently staying. She has packed up the BLT Boutique and is making her way up the coast to consult with her office manager and local fashion designers before setting in to Nantucket for events throughout the month of July. And getting picked up by water isn’t without its perks…

Chesapeake Bay

“We were picked up for an important business meeting with Gloria Roy, my office manager of 18 years…With Bill Bennett at the helm and Andrew Fleschner along my side as we rode the waves of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Boat Pick-Up

If you would like to schedule a stylist consultation with Bonnie while she’s in Nantucket, email Spots are filling up, so save your space soon! Follow along with Bonnie’s adventure on instagram at @bonnierosemanblt.

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