Bonnie Roseman, owner of Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique, designs and manufactures couture clothing and on-of-a-kind accessories for high profile, discerning women whose positions demand a refined and elegant appearance. Bonnie’s clients depend on her to dress them in style for their varied activities and to create their wardrobes to fit their lifestyle.

This week’s entry focuses on some of the lovely ladies who have been “Bonnified” with an array of clothing and accessories to help shape their wardrobes!

This beautiful brunette has been wrapped in a gorgeous shawl from Italy that can dress up any outfit, all year round.

Italian Shawl
Bonnie is now in Santa Fe, New Mexico! To schedule your personal fashion consultation, email Bonnie at bonnie@bonnieroseman.com.

This gorgeous gal has also been “Bonniefied!” Bonnie Roseman dressed her in a one of a kind Japanese vest, and complimented the sultry black look with a necklace all the way from Morocco! Find treasures from all over the world at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique at 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Moroccan Necklace

Another lovely lady for the Bonniefied file! From the Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique Travel Collection, this rayon jersey tunic and tee top comes in a variety of colors. It also washes easily, and doesn’t wrinkle! The necklace is made from antique buttons and silver, and the bag is made from an original cover of Life Magazine. Bonnie is currently in Nantucket scheduling client appointments, so call her at 917-209-0516 to schedule yours today!

Myrtle Beach
View more one of a kind items online at www.bonnieroseman.com.

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