Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Bonnie packed up the BLT traveling boutique after her adventures in the Midwest and hit the dusty trail for Fort Worth, Texas.  Steak at the original Del Frisco was worth the drive. Bonnie declares it, “The best steak in all of Texas!”

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Fort Worth, Texas.
Fort Worth, Texas.

An avid art enthusiast, and always following art news, Bonnie learned that the  show, “Faces of Impressionism,” had flown in from the Musee d’Orsay in Paris to the Kimbell Art Museum in downtown Fort Worth.  The show included 70 masterworks, paintings and sculptures of major figures including Cezanne, Degas, Monet and Renoir.  If you happen to be in Fort Worth before the 26th of January, don’t miss this special event.

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Catch this exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Bonnie loves a masquerade and the festivities of Halloween.

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Visiting clients’ homes is always a treat. In San Antonio, Bonnie was invited to show her collection at a home decorated by the renown interior designer, Carleton Varney. It was a great backdrop for Bonnie’s treasures.

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Bonnie toured the Alamo and strolled the Riverwalk before leaving for Marfa, Texas.

Marfa, Texas.
Marfa, Texas.

Known as the town where the classic, “Giants” was filmed in 1956, Bonnie stayed at Marfa’s historic “El Paisano” hotel, built in 1929, which acted as the headquarters for the film’s crew and stars.

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Bonnie loves making recommendations to friends and clientele, and taking their tips on where in the world to stay as well.

While Bonnie is looking forward to home, her enthusiasm and interest in exploring the sites she traverses sustain her.

Hay there, traveler...
Hay there, traveler…

She wishes you all Boundless Love and Treasures in the new year!

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