Nantucket Film Festival

I am so exited for this year’s annual Nantucket Film Festival! Founded by the brother-sister team Jill and Jonathan Burkhart ten years ago, NFF has blossomed into a prestigious event attended by visitors from all over the world. This year’s treasure trove of films look especially grand!

Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket will have its world premiere at the festival. It looks to be a fun family feature spotlighting some of the island’s oldest legends: in this case, the “Widow in White,” a famous island ghost story.

From director Ryan White, documentary film Serena traces the unstoppable career of tennis champion Serena Williams – how does she handle all the pressure, and the fame?


There will be documentary shorts, narrative shorts, and even film shorts for kids. One of my favorite events to attend is Morning Coffee With… Each day of the festival, comedian Eddie Brill hosts a fun chat between writers and directors attending the festival, and it is always as insightful as it is lively.

When putting together a wardrobe for a creative event such as a film festival, I like to have a little fun! Since the opening night feature film is Finding Dory, I will select pieces as colorful and textured as the coral reefs, to celebrate the undersea adventure.


The early summer weather in Nantucket could be anything! It can start out chilly, and then warm up, and then get cold….You have to be prepared to have a layered look. It’s best to pack along a lightweight coat, a cashmere sweater, and a scarf to “tie” your look together.

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The Nantucket Film Festival takes place from June 22nd through June 27th. See the full film program here, and if you attend, I may see you there!

When dressing for events and special occasions, always remember my Three Golden Rules to Dress By:

  1. Build Your Wardrobe with classic pieces.
  2. Liven Your Wardrobe with fun novelty items.
  3. Tweak Your Wardrobe with touches of color.
 Feel confident whenever and wherever you go!

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