Navy, White & Yellow

This week, our featured outfit centers on navy blue, bright yellow, and classic white. This beautiful yellow necklace is made from fossil stone and sterling silver, designed by the talented Christine Smith! It brings out the ‘POP’ of yellow in our one of a kind hand stitched tunic.

Fossil Stone Necklace

The yellow fossil stone necklace pairs wonderfully with the tunic, and the white pants make a stark white summer statement that matches the Palm Beach custom made bag. The pants come in sizes from XS to XL, and we can make a custom bag from your favorite city, state, vacation getaway, or any exciting theme you dream up yourself. As always, send your ideas in to

Hand Stitched TunicThese rare and original bracelets compliment the navy blue weaving through this one of a kind hand stitched tunic. The top bracelet is designed with acrylic, while the one below it is beaded from blown glass, all the way from Africa! Brighten up your summer wardrobe by visiting Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique on 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, or stroll through our online boutique at any time at

One of a Kind Bracelets

These one of a kind earrings were made by a Venezuelan artist named Arnaldo Garcia. He has since passed away, but his artistic legacy lives through in the rare and original pieces he created, such as these gorgeous earrings made from acrylic and sterling silver.

Artistic Earrings

Voila! The entire ensemble. White pants are perfect for summer, the yellow fossil stone necklace helps the yellow in the hand stitched tunic make a statement, and to add a little personality, our model is carrying the custom made Palm Beach Bag.

The Entire Emsemble

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