Earth Tones with a Splash of Lime

This week’s outfit features rich earthy tones with a bright splash of lime! This gorgeous silk tunic is all the way from India, with brown embroidery done in a fantastic design.

Lime Green Tunic
Lime green with Earthy accessories.

With the beautiful piece below, put a little Rasta in your summer with a bracelet made of carved Jamaican wood dyed yellow! A pop of summer color made of quality one of a kind materials.

photo 5

This gorgeous necklace is made with carnelian, accompanied by a variety of other semi-precious stones. The earrings are vintage, made of bronze and leather. Together they make the perfect accessories for the bright lime tunic from India, tying together the earthy tones and splash of color!

Carnelian Necklace
Wearing rare vintage pieces gives you a look all your own.

This one of a kind belt is made from distressed leather with a center made of sing-ray, designed by Connie Bates. It looks lovely belted over the lime silk tunic, with both shades of brown giving the outfit a unique stand-out look for summertime!

photo 3

A custom made bag from a dog book adds zip and personality to this earthy look. The bright lime tunic has custom brown embroidery done in a lovely design, and the vintage earrings with semi-precious stones around our model’s neck make for a delicious combo.

The Whole Look
The Earthy look, with personality from one of a kind pieces and pizazz from a bright lime hue.

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