Happy Holidays from BLT!

As the holidays draw near, your wardrobe can reflect the sparkling spirit of the season.
Give your wardrobe a festive boost with beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories that you will adore.
Winter 3

Let your wardrobe work for you this holiday season. Busy women love BLT’s easy-transition ensembles.
Wear BLT to the office and then dash out to your holiday celebration.
Winter 1
Don’t let the holidays create packing stress. Pack your carry-on bag with BLT accessories you can rely on for any occasion.
Winter 4
Call me at 917-209-0516 to schedule an appointment or email me at bonnie@bonnieroseman.com.  I also consult clients using Facetime or Skype.
Winter 5
Always remember my three Golden Rules to dress by:
  1. Build Your Wardrobe with classic pieces.
  2. Liven Your Wardrobe with fun novelty items.
  3. Tweak Your Wardrobe with touches of color.
 Feel confident whenever and wherever you go!

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