Pearl Greys, Silvers and Classic Black

Who says basics have to be boring? Pearl greys, silver, and classic black make a statement as part of any professional wardrobe. This unique vest is hand-dyed and hand-cut by a Japanese artist! Completely one of a kind and availble now at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique.

Classic look.

Japanese Cut Vest

The black shirt underneath comes in a dozen other colors. All are made with washable fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, making it easy to pack and get to where you need to go. The slim leg pants also come in a variety of shades, for the hue that best suits you…

Quartz buckle.

This gorgeous belt has a strap made of Italian glove leather, and the buckle is constructed from all quartz! The dark top makes the gems really pop. The noir shirt comes in 12 different colors and is made of a washable fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, so it’s hassle -free when it comes to traveling.

Unique bracelet.

Black is a classic basic that is a must-have for any wardrobe. This bracelet was made in London; leather lined by hand, and the silver cord was woven around the onyx stone. Gorgeous, one of a kind, and available at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique!

Sterling silver earrings from Paris.

These unique sterling silver earrings are great for a night on the town or just another day at the office! They’re all the way from Paris, but available now at 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Life Magazine bag, custom made.

This upcycled bag is made from a Life Magazine bag from the 1940s. At Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique, we can custom make any photograph, record album, newspaper, or memorabilia into a bag! A wonderful idea for a personalized gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself. Make your memories wearable today at 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Beautiful ring.

A gorgeous ring that goes well with all the grey shades and classic black, all the way from Paris! See treasures from all over the world at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique.

Labradorite necklace from India.

This necklace is all the way from India, made of labradorite and shell. It pairs beautifully with the hand-dyed, hand-cut vest made by a Japanese artist.


These one of a kind bangle bracelets were made in London! Sterling silver that looks gorgeous with any black basic wardrobe pieces, such as the washable black top and Japanese designed hand-dyed vest.

One of a kind.

These are just some of the many one of a kind items from all over the world found at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique at 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. Readers – what is your favorite piece from this week’s series?

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