White is a Delight, and Green is the Prosperous Color.

Spring is bringing all kinds of beautiful colors to life, two of which are quintessential to the season. White, the standard color for summer, and of course green, the color of all things growing. Our model is wearing some fabulous pieces featured in the Bonnie Roseman Spring 2013 Collection, just in time for nature to turn.

A page from the Boston Globe’s travel section can now be a one of a kind accessory to treasure. Turn that mag into a bag! At Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique, we can make records, newspapers, photographs, or your favorite magazine into a purse for a unique and special gift, or a treat for yourself. You can make your memories wearable today.

Boston Globe Bag

This beautiful white tunic is one of many Belgian linen tunics that are hand-made with exquisite fabric and quality, available now at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique. They come in a variety of sizes, from XS to XL, and a large array of colors – so you can find the hue that’s best for you!

Necklace from India

This necklace is an ancient piece from India, featuring a carved Buddha with jade and turquoise. It pairs beautifully with the one of a kind Belgian linen tunic. Try it on today at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique. There is always a one of a kind treasure to be found at 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Belgian Linen Tunic

This bracelet is a work of art unlike any other. Designed by an artist whose works have been displayed at the MET and museums worldwide, this unique accessory and a variety of treasures from all over the world are available at Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique! It’s like a bead bouquet of beautiful summer colors…

Artistic Piece Bracelet

Even your favorite beer carton can become a bag! This purse is made with all recycled materials, and any photograph, album cover, or magazine you treasure can be made into a personalized tote. Bring in your idea to Bonnie Roseman’s BLT Boutique on 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach and let Bonnie work her magic!

Beer Carton Bag

These rare vintage earrings are made from bakelite! They’re from the 1930s, and the vintage look is back! Make them yours today by visiting 323 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Vintage Earrings, 1930

This gorgeous ring is made by an artist who has been featured at museums worldwide, including the MET. It’s completely one of a kind, a work of art, and goes beautifully with this green packable jersey shirt.

Artisan Ring

Our model is gorgeous in green in this packable jersey made in the USA. It has peekaboo shoulders, goes great with leggings, and is available in black, ivory, and periwinkle. The brightly colored one of a kind silicone scarf all the way from New Orleans ties it all together!

Green Jersey

Green with envy? Let your fingers do the walking online, where you can shop at any time…www.bonnieroseman.com.

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