Savory Charleston, SC, the Low Country

Are you ready to drive for a day from West Palm Beach to reach a fabulous destination? Head out for the Low Country; Charleston, South Carolina is sizzling with activities, and so friendly to visitors!

This time of year, it’s just great to walk or ride a bike over the Cooper River, on the Arthur Ravenelle Junior Bridge! The views are the best from the Mount Pleasant side.

Arthur Ravenel Junior Bridge

One of the best beaches to visit is on Sullivan’s Island. It’s usually not quite as crowded as the others, and just exquisite. Or, you could also do a picnic in Hampton Park! All of these activities are great to do with the whole family.

Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

If you’d like to see an Eighteenth Century house that’s completely preserved, go to Drayton Hall, a plantation that will take you back into time!

Historic Drayton Hall

Don’t miss Angel Oak, which is located just outside of Charleston on John’s Island. It’s about 66 feet tall and 28 feet in circumference, and it’s over 500 years old!

The Angel Oak of Charleston

You won’t want to leave down without going down fabulous King Street, where you can visit the little shops, eat at the local restaurants, and grab an ice cream to enjoy by the waterfront and the giant Pineapple Fountain!

Shop on historic King Street

So whether you’re strolling down King Street in South Carolina, or you’re enjoying the steamy hot weather of West Palm Beach, remember, it’s all about style.

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Feel good, and look even better!



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